We are doing fine, right? What we mean by that is that we are doing really, really well. Let alone the fact that we have a roof over our heads and free access to drinking water makes us highly privileged people. What seems completely normal and natural to us is a complete luxury for 90% of the global population. We are well aware of this fact and drew two conclusions from this.

1.) Be thankful. That’s all.

2.) Become active. If you become active, you can make a change as well. We have been supporting the Hoffnungsträger Foundation for several months and we take over partnerships for children of prison inmates.

About the Hoffnungsträger Foundation:

In Colombia, Zambia, India and Cambodia, there are thousands of poor children of whom at least one parent is in prison. That turns them into outsiders and they are five to ten times more likely to end up in prison themselves. Simply because they are their parents’ children. Many of them live in extreme poverty. They live on the street and are threatened by hunger, violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking. There is no social system that helps them. But with Hoffnungsträger Godchild you pick up these children. With a plan and open arms.