• Possibility to cook and cool food
  • Cafe & networking area
  • over 20 “community places“
  • Conference rooms
  • Storage facilities
  • Wifi
  • Printing station
  • 24/7 access

Event location

  • Workshops/seminars/events
  • Design thinking
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Service staff
  • Catering
  • Cafe & networking area
  • Video and sound equipment


In Eisenwerk 15/2, you will experience the revolution – even better – the reincarnation of conferences, seminars and workshops.

We offer you a location in which you will experience the dynamics of the working world 4.0 first hand. Eisenwerk 15/2 are your headquarters for individuality and creativity.

If catering, drinks or working materials – we rely on the innovativeness and agility of young start-ups and emerging businesses. All in all, we provide you with the most beautiful, most delicious and most innovative things Hanover has to offer. Innovation power is also very important for us with regard to space planning. We therefore offer the “room-in-room” concept that can be used by small and large groups in order to work successfully.

Out visitors can also choose between “Large Box”, “Big Cube” and the entire location. If you want something extravagant: give a workshop in Eisenwerk 49A.

And in case you have not noticed yet: we are on a first-name basis here in Eisenwerk 15/2.

Event area

The event area is the largest area in Eisenwerk 15/2 and is composed of the “front” and the “rear” area. It offers a total area of 180 sqm (100 sqm in the front area + 80 sqm in the rear area). Presentations and key notes can be shown on the 86″ screen.

  • Area

    270 qm including all rooms and spaces

  • Capacities

    65 seats I up to 85 standing places

  • Equpiment

    86″ screen with HDMI access, design boards by Bordmanufaktur, flip charts

Big Cube

Our “Big Cube” is the center of Eisenwerk. Groups of up to 14 people can hold workshops, conferences and customer events at the conference table with a length of 5 meters. And if the design board is not sufficient, the glass walls of the Cube can be used for sketches and notes.

  • Area

    25 qm

  • Capacities

    Up to 14 seats

  • Equpiment

    55″ screen with HMDI access, design board by Bordmanufaktur, flip chart, writeable glass walls

Large Box

A little bit more comfortable ambience and the ideas will come easily. Our “Large Box” is the ideal location for creative thinking processes and conferences in a cozy atmosphere. There is a BoardBoard on the wall, which can be used to write down ideas that you get during your brainstorming processes.

  • Area

    15 qm

  • Capacities

    Up to 6 seats

  • Equpiment

    Design board by Bordmanufaktur, flip chart

Eisenwerk 49A

On an area of almost 100 sqm, the members of Eisenwerk and Mashsee converted a hall into a conference room with an industrial design. Here you can find our boards, a conference table with a length of 350 cm, up to 15 seats and a particularly special feature – a 150-year-old root that was turned into a table.

  • Area

    85 qm

  • Capacities

    Up to 25 seats

  • Equpiment

    55″ screen, design board by Bordmanufaktur, flip chart



Every good workshop needs good food. We make any wish come true. From small snacks to extravagant menu creations – innovative catering in an innovative event location.


Do you know the little apple juice or orange juice bottles typically given out at events? We guarantee you that you will not get those here. We focus on taste and sustainability and offer our guests delicious smoothies, BioZisch and further extravagant variations for drinks produced by the company Voelkel.


Having a craft beer brewery as neighbor is a blessing and a curse. The good part is that it is nice to drink a beer after work. The bad part is that after work… well, you know. Kidding aside, we cannot keep this tasty beer from you. We make your evening events perfect with one or two or… beers from the Mashsee brewery.

You do not like beer? No problem. You will certainly find a red or white wine that you like or you try our organic seccos made by Klostergut Mönchpfiffel.


The glass walls of our “Cubes” are not enough? Luckily, we have more than 15 fancy design boards by Boardmanufaktur. The boards are magnetic and spread all over the area

Of course, we also have “something digital” – our rooms are equipped with different screens. We offer screen sizes between 55″ and 86″. In case you are looking for something louder or even bigger, our event partner VEOVISION makes every wish come true.

For the workshop leaders, we offer a great variety of different design thinking utensils.

Food specials

Foodies, listen up! We have more in store than just catering and beverages. We like to step up the game! If you want to have something really special, take a look at what else we can offer you:

  • Candy bar
  • Beer tasting
  • Coffee roasting
  • Printable candy
  • Live cooking
  • Burger barbeque
  • And a lot more


No matter if you are planning a small or a large event, our team is looking forward to helping you.

Special Services

Still not enough? We have so much more to offer in order to make your workshop an unforgettable experience.

You can expect the following services from us:

  • Graphic Recording & Live-Sketching
  • Presentations & coaching
  • Contact with start-ups
  • Giveaways
  • Goodie-bags
  • Planning & guidance of the workshop
  • Photo box by Mister Mory
  • Photographic accompaniment

A variety of possibilities



Eisenwerk 15/2 offers options for different workshops and seminars. The event area offers room for up to 75 people. The area is so flexible that several groups can use the different areas and rooms at the same time.

Visitor groups of 6 to 14 people can use the “Big Cube” and the “Large Box”.

Eisenwerk offers a total of 15 DesignWhiteboards that can be used actively for creative group work.


For all leaders and participants of seminars, we provide our technical equipment. You can use our video and sound technology in order to create individual presentations and seminars.


In times of digitalization and change, new working methods are becoming increasingly more important. The Design Thinking approach has the goal to discover new solution approaches to existing problems in a creative working space.

We offer all the necessary utensils and requisites to conduct Design Thinking seminars as well as coaching and planning of such events.


Eisenwerk 15/2 provides different rooms and possibilities for single or group coaching. Upon request, we help design and conduct coaching.


There is nothing better than a content employee in a well-functioning team. We offer you different specials and plan together with you a team building event which will never be forgotten!

A big range of regional start-up companies is eager to get to know you. The possibilities are endless: a beer tasting in the evening or a joint barbeque – together with you, we will create an unforgettable event.


A new product is on the market? Eisenwerk 15/2 offers the perfect area to present new products either in the course of an evening event or distributed into different themes.

References and Customers

Small or large, start-up or well-established company – many companies already dived into our innovative and modern working world. The events were as diverse as the companies themselves. We had marketing workshops, coaching, team building, product presentations as well as conferences and meet-ups. We love our customers and innovative workshops.

Biotherm-Tour 2019

Multi-day marketing workshop



various Workshops

Multi-day Sales-Coaching

various Workshops

Team-building event for managers

Logistics Workshop

interactive product workshop

Recruiting seminar for future stewardesses and stewards

Production of image film for the introduction of the current Adobe Cloud

Teambuilding-Event for executives

Executives Meet-Up

Customer-Workshop during the Biotherm-Tour 2019

Customer-Workshop during the Biotherm-Tour 2019

Kick-off for the Impulse Competition 2018

Video recording for a recruiting campaign

Coaching in the course of a federal competition 2018

Workshop for sales representatives

Evening event with customers and partners

Sales-Coaching for Samsung

Team coaching

Customer event


Let’s keep going! In the course of 2019, the „Eisenwerk 15/2-Academy” will be launched.

We can reveal this much: we will offer you an innovative coaching concept.

There will be further information soon.



Every beginning is hard, challenging and often exhausting. We have a heart for start-up companies and are glad to help them. Contact us. Present your projects. We will help you.


The world would be a sad place without values and humanity. We are thankful for everything that we have and we want to support people in need.


We love and live for fair and open interaction. Our friends, partners and supporters are very important to us. Here you can see who our current partners are.

Contact us

Do you have questions or ideas or do you need further information? Do you want to network with others or just check out the location? Send us a message or call us directly. We are looking forward to hearing from you and we will answer immediately!